How to Help Your Child Master Maths for the 11+ Exams

published on 14 September 2022
Mastering Maths is crucial for 11+ exams.
Mastering Maths is crucial for 11+ exams.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to help your child learn maths for 11+ exams will vary depending on your child's individual learning needs.

However, some general tips can help you support your child in their maths learning:

1. Encourage your child to practice regularly through dedicated 11+ maths practice books or by using everyday opportunities to help them consolidate their learning.

2. Make sure they understand the concepts they are learning by explaining things in different ways and using visual aids where possible.

3. Give them plenty of positive reinforcement to encourage them and help them build confidence in their abilities.

4. Encourage them to take breaks and focus on their well-being and academics, as this will help them stay motivated and focused on their learning.

And most importantly, use a platform like Examly to reinforce the learnt topics through SRT (Spaced Repetition Technique).

Examly offers a custom study plan for each child. Examly's AI-driven study plan is constantly learning and adjusting to your child's needs. It uses Spaced Repetition Technique to help your child improve weaker areas and learns efficiently.

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