Overcoming Writer's Block on the GRE Analytical Writing Section

published on 30 December 2022
Writer's Block 
Writer's Block 

Writer's block can be a common challenge for test takers in the GRE Analytical Writing section. The pressure of the time limit and the importance of the task can make it difficult to get started or to come up with ideas for the essay. However, there are several strategies that can help test takers overcome writer's block and write a strong essay.

One strategy is to take a break and clear the mind. Sometimes, a few minutes of relaxation or distraction can help unblock the mind and get the creative juices flowing. Before starting the clock on the analytical writing section in the exam, taking a break to relax by doing deep breathing exercises can be helpful.

Another strategy is to start writing without worrying about perfection. It's important to remember that the first draft doesn't have to be perfect. The goal is simply to get the ideas down on paper/screen. The editing and revising process can be used to refine and polish the essay.

It can also be helpful to brainstorm ideas and create an outline before beginning to write. This can help to organize the ideas and provide a roadmap for the essay.

It's also important to remember to stay focused on the task at hand. It can be tempting to get sidetracked or to try to write about topics that are not relevant to the prompt. However, staying focused on the task and writing about the specific issue or argument presented in the prompt can help to keep the essay on track.

And most importantly, practice will make you perfect. It is key for you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your writing style well in advance of the real exam. At Examly, we have developed an analytical writing service, Writing Genie, to help you get better at writing for the GRE. Writing Genie makes use of our expert GRE tutors to review your analytical writing skills and provide detailed feedback within hours. Get your first analytical writing piece reviewed for FREE here: https://examly.ai/writing-gre/

In conclusion, writer's block can be a common challenge for test takers on the GRE Analytical Writing section. However, by taking a break, starting writing without worrying about perfection, brainstorming ideas and creating an outline, and staying focused on the task, test takers can overcome writer's block and write a strong essay

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