How to Help Your Child with Verbal Reasoning for the 11+ Exams

published on 25 September 2022
Help your chid with verbal reasoning
Help your chid with verbal reasoning

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to help your child succeed in their 11+ exams. 

One of the key areas on the 11+ exam is Verbal Reasoning.

Here are some tips to help your child ace this section of the exam: 

  • Encourage them to read as much as possible. Verbal Reasoning questions will often be based on text passages, so the more your child reads, the better they will be at answering these questions. 

  • Help them to understand what they are reading. Discuss the passages with them and ask them questions about what they have read. This will help them to develop their comprehension skills. 

  • Practice, practice, practice. There are many practice Verbal Reasoning papers available online or from educational suppliers. Doing as many of these as possible will help your child become more familiar with the questions they will face in the exam. 

  • Encourage them to take their time and not rush. The Verbal Reasoning section is often timed, so your child must know how to pace themselves. They should focus on accuracy rather than speed. 

If you have just started your 11+ journey our about to start, we recommend starting with the following books:

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