Mastering the art of creative writing: Techniques and exercises to improve your child's writing skills

published on 30 December 2022
Creative Writing
Creative Writing

Creative writing can be a challenging but rewarding skill for students to develop, and it is an essential component of the 11+ exams. To help your child succeed in this area, it's important to provide them with the tools and techniques they need to improve their writing skills.

Here are a few exercises and techniques that your child can try to improve their creative writing:

  1. Brainstorming and pre-writing: Encourage your child to spend some time brainstorming ideas for their writing. This could be a simple as free writing, where they write down whatever comes to mind for a set period of time, or more structured techniques like listing or clustering. Pre-writing can help your child generate ideas and narrow down their focus, leading to more focused and effective writing.
  2. Structuring and organising: Once your child has a general idea for their writing, help them plan out the structure and organisation of their piece. This could include creating an outline or using graphic organisers to map out their ideas. A clear structure can help your child stay on track and make their writing more coherent and effective.
  3. Revising and editing: Encourage your child to revise and edit their work to improve clarity and eliminate mistakes. This could involve reviewing their writing for grammar and spelling errors, as well as looking for opportunities to use more descriptive language or tighten up their structure.

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By incorporating these techniques and exercises into your child's study routine, you can help them master the art of creative writing and succeed on the 11+ exams.

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